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Book cover design makes or breaks the image and therefore we don’t compromise on it!

Creative book cover designs to attract the right audience!

Whether it’s a corporate book cover design or an eBook cover design, we have all types of book cover designer for hire at a reasonable price to provide you the best illustration for your book covers.

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Book cover and layout designing is important!

A book is not defined just by the content inside it but there are several other aspects as well which includes the cover design, layout, and formatting overall as well. Therefore, it is important that the cover is pleasing to the eye and rightly connects with the text inside the book regardless of the type of the book.

Get an interesting book cover design made by the professionals!

It is a common saying to not judge a book by its cover but a huge majority of the people do so regularly. Their buying decision sometimes solely depends on the cover of the book and how interesting it is according to their taste and likeness and therefore, it is important that you get the perfect cover for the right audience.

Our book cover design services cater to a lot of different types of books include corporate, kids’ books, novels, fiction books, poetry books, educational, and motivational books; both in hard copy and e-book. Logo Designer PK has an extensive team of creative artists who can work easily on all sorts of book designs including the spine, front and back cover as well as book formatting and interior page designs.

Our prime concern is customer’s satisfaction and therefore, we consult with our clients and design the covers according to their requirements and demands. We will provide you with the samples first so that you can approve for final design files. If you come across any problem, simply convey your problem to our point of contact, and the team of LogoDesigner will make sure to fix it accordingly to provide you with excellent services in Pakistan.

There are three main elements of a book cover including

  • Front cover
  • Spine
  • Back cover

The front cover consists of the design, title, author name, and an image usually. The spine consists of the title and author name. While the back cover could be varying; some books have a short description of the book written on the back while some have testimonials on it along with the bar code and publisher’s logo. The price is also mentioned on the back cover sometimes.

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Perfect book layout design enhancing the book value ten folds!

The layout of the book must be appropriate to keep the reader interested and engaged throughout. We are a team of professional designers with extensive experience in the industry of book designing in Pakistan having worked on thousands of book designs in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Islamabad. We provide top solutions with creativity and perfection which make the readers much more interested in the books and the book to gain its well-deserved recognition across the world of a book lover.

Educational and corporate books especially need careful attention to detail and the layout. Since they don’t really have a story in them, rather just practical and informational stuff so it is important to boost the reader’s interest with the right usage of shapes and geometry and images. Our book layout designers have the perfect sense of geometrical patterns, color theme, image coordination, and text placement which will enhance the look of your book and will attract a larger number of audience.

Lastly, we do not do anything without our client’s will and liking. Our designers will set up a meeting with you to discuss the project in detail and design the book cover and layout accordingly. Your concerns, requirements, and prohibitions are duly noted and then the design is made exactly how you want it. Throughout the project, we stay in touch with our customers so that they feel connected and not feel like they have hire an amateur company. Also because we want the end product to be exactly what you like.

There is a phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover only. But in reality, we all do this. The main purpose of creating an eye-pleasing book cover is to help it sell more copy from the thousands of other books.

The print on demand and online self-publishing platforms has given a boost in the book publishing industry. Every year hundreds of thousands of books are published in almost every genre.

The print on demand and online self-publishing platforms has given a boost in the book publishing industry. Every year hundreds of thousands of books are published in almost every genre.

Designing process we follow

We follow a proper book cover designing process to ensure the best final product for our clients.

Project Discussion

First thing we do is discuss the client’s expectations regarding the design to get complete understand of what we are supposed to do.

Design Research

Our book designers then do a thorough research for the perfect design to ensure the most appropriate and fitting product.

First Sample Layout

Our expert designers prepare the first draft and then send it to the client for approval. If you point out any changes we fix it then and there otherwise continue with the process.

Final Design Delivery

Once all the issues are fixed and the final touches are made, LogoDesigner delivers the final files to the customer for their further use.

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We also provide the best book interior page design!

Logo Designer is serving the book designing industry for the past 10 years or even more. We have complete command over all sorts of book designing whether it is the cover page, back cover, formatting, or interior page layout. Our professional designers will make sure to create the perfect interior page design for you so that your book does not lose its face value due to any such issue. Before starting any project, we focus on discussions and research. It simply means we will sit with you and discuss your concerns in detail. It is an important step for us as customer satisfaction is our top priority. Once we are assured of what you want, our designers conduct their research.

We make sure to find the perfect layout for your interior pages. The interior pages are just as important as the front and back covers because the reader needs to have a stability in text while reading otherwise it could get really annoying for some of them. Consult us now and schedule a meeting with our experts to discuss your project further. If you have any queries, ask them as well, we will make sure to solve all your problems and fix your issues.

There are hundreds of book designing agencies working in Pakistan, but not all of them are as efficient and creative as we are. Many times we have gotten projects where a previous agency has ruined the interior page formatting and we are expected to fix it and make it identical throughout the book. Therefore, be careful and only trust a reputable and trusted book designing company in Pakistan like LogoDesignerPK – serving the best for the past many years.

Our successful projects

We have designed more than 500 books of all genres. Have a look at some of the successful book designing projects of Logo Designer PK!

Frequently Asked Questions
The job of a book designer is to create visuals and cover for a published book. It is not just an instruction based work rather requires creativity, understanding of the content, and some business skills as well.
Book layout has 6 major components
  • Margins
  • Whitespace
  • Line width
  • Typography
  • Images
  • Widows and orphans

All of these are considered and set in accordance for the perfect layout.

Yes we offer creative and attractive book cover design services for all types of books. Logo Designer PK is one of the best book cover designing agencies in Pakistan that is providing expert solutions for all your designing needs.
We provide customize interior book design according to your demand as well as the text of the book to provide optimal reading experience to the readers. Consult our experienced designers to get your perfect layout of text and images and get worldwide recognition.
Yes, we also deal in eBooks. We provide cover designing, book formatting, interior layout, and other designing aspects of eBooks as well.