How Do I Design A Book Page Layout?

Most authors put a lot of effort into writing books for their readers and wish to get a great response from loyal readers. But the response that an author gets is dependent on more than one thing. The things that make a book a best-selling one include the content of the book, the quality of paper used in printing, the font that is used, the writing style, and the page layout of the book. If you belong to the community of authors who love publishing books for their readers you should take into account some principles of book printing and a page layout and act accordingly to make your book the top-selling book of the year. Many authors ask the experts only one question ‘how do I design a page layout’ the only answer that they get is ‘leave it to the professional book page layout designers.’

The majority of young authors who self-publish their books try to do every preparation before publishing by themselves, but it is not a wise thing to do and the authors should be able to hire book page layout professionals, for the design of their book. It is a common practice that the outer layout of the book is given so much attention that the inner page layout gets neglected and the readers fail to get satisfaction from the poorly designed and printed book. So, the authors should always hire leading professionals to design their books from the outside and in. When the job is done by professionals they pay special attention to all the details of designing the outer cover of the book as well as the inner pages.

There is a variety of books that are published each year and the page layout of each book is different. For example, if you have written a book for kids then each page can have a different layout as mostly there is little text and more pictures in a book for kids. The kid’s books are mostly quite colorful and have a lot of pictures due to which the page layout of a page for Kid’s book may not be the same for the whole book.

If the book that you have written is for adults then it would be a text-based book, in such a case you have to design a page layout that could attractively present the content. You have to plan the text so that the text is properly wrapped.                                                                  

The following are the four most important rules that need to be taken care of when designing a page layout of your, no matter what kind of book you are about to get published.



margins are important

Margins are the word that is used for the blank area that covers the text from all sides. Every page of each book has a bottom margin, a top margin, an outer margin, and, an inner margin. To design an appealing page layout if you have the skills to use your margins properly you might be able to design an appealing book page layout design.



Most publishers charge per page for the printing of a book and the authors who want to save their money, try to reduce the number of pages no matter how squished the text looks. The wise thing to do is to forget about saving money and let the white space be a part of the text so that the text looks attractive and not forcefully inserted.

Line Width

Line Width


Another important aspect of book page layout design is the line width. The too-long line width is not a good thing and should be avoided in book page design. The line width should be not too long nor too short so that the reader can keep track of the text he was reading.




There is a huge variety of texts available nowadays and it is up to the author to choose the one that he likes. The author while selecting the font should not go for cursive or fancy fonts but should prefer the easy-to-read clear fonts that make the book more appealing and attractive.

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