What Is A Stationery Design

What Is A Stationery Design?

Gone are the days when simplicity was considered a good thing to practice but the present era is that of presentation. Even the simplest of things need to be packed in attractive packaging to get the attention of the people. When you enter a book store or a stationery mart and see the pretty glittery envelopes and gift bags that are designed by expert stationery designers who are qualified to design the stationery. Though designing stationery items is not as daunting a task as fashion designing or architecture but still, the leading companies want to hire qualified professionals so that they could maintain the standard of the products designed by their company. The trend of using designer stationery started in western countries where expensive materials like velvet and even leather were used to make envelopes and folders. For the last two decades or so the trend has taken the Asian and African markets by storm and even the common people who seldom buy designer products know the importance of using designer stationery for giving gifts.

Commonly Used Designer Stationery Products

There was a time when only the elite used designer stationery, but with the evolution in society and change in likes and dislikes of the people came a change in the use of designer products.  In yesterday’s years, people liked to stay anonymous but the people of today want to stand out among the crowd and many people are willing to do anything to look unique and special. There is a long list of products that were once not a part of the stationery but today are an integral part of the marketing strategy of a business. These products include letterheads, invoices, visiting cards, greeting cards for different occasions that the companies use to greet their contacts on different festivals, folders, envelopes, promotional products like calendars, dairies, caps, mugs, t-shirts, wall clocks, and many other products like gift bags pens and files. When it is to the market of Pakistan, there is no end to the occasions for which designer stationery is used.

Who Are The Users Of Stationery Design Services In Pakistan?

Most of the big names in the industry and multinational companies and banks are the most important users of the services that are offered by stationery designers. The corporate world of today has to make tremendous efforts to maintain relationships with its clients. And one step that they take in this regard is getting their dairies and calendars designed that they give away as complementary gifts to their important clients. Many companies even get leather wallets designed for their prestigious clients that they don’t want to lose at any cost. To keep the mutual relationship going and to make it even stronger people invest a lot in designing the stationery. They hire the best stationery designers available.

Secondly, there are big and small businesses that know the significance of effective marketing of their business at all levels. The business owners who want to convey their message to the people in the most effective way spend a lot of money on getting their stationery designed by the leading stationery designers no matter how much they charge them.

If you happen to visit the markets of Pakistan just before the winters begin you will notice the big names of the tea industry setting up stalls in busy markets of big cities. They have a lot of discount offers to give to their customers. They have specially designed crockery, kettles, t-shirts, caps, and wall clocks to distribute among the masses.  They pay special visits to the educational institutes and offices for the promotion of their products and distribute stationary like pens and caps. In the present era, this has proven to be the most effective and easy way of marketing a business. Not only this, it can be done at a very rapid pace. This new trend of marketing has helped each competent company offering stationery design services in Pakistan a golden opportunity to grow and prove their expertise in the field of stationery design.

Stationery Designed On A Theme

No matter how modern we have become and how digitalized the life of today is, we still need to use stationery in our daily routine. There are many departments of life in which the documentation has to be done and the use of letterhead and envelopes is a must. The way the stationery of a firm is designed reflects the aesthetic sense of the person responsible for getting it designed which in most cases, the business owners. According to the latest style of stationery design in vogue, the companies who want to be seen prominently have their stationery designed according to different themes. These themes can be based on the changing weather or the festivals that come one after the other. Several companies get their stationery designed in red color when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There are themes based on the national holidays and the experts have to work on designing the stationery according to the day that is to be celebrated. For example, if the Independence Day of Pakistan is approaching some companies, get their stationery designed with a stamp-size flag printed on them while others get their envelopes printed in green and white. If there is a celebration of the air force coming up then the limited stock of the air force institutes get the stationery designed according to the air force themes that include pics of fighter jets etc.

Not only this, the book stores are now full of such envelopes that are artistically designed for the use of giving cash to a newborn baby, if the baby is a boy you can buy a beautiful blue colored envelope and if it is a girl then pretty pink and light mauve is in fashion.

The business firms that offer their staff cash incentives also have specially designed envelopes and letterheads to make the event special for them.


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