Attractive Logo Design

5 Basic Knowledge and Information for an Attractive Logo Design

Information for an Attractive Logo Design

Visualization has become an endemic part of today’s virtual and business world. People make their purchase which is greatly influenced by company brand and design of its logo. Companies are now well aware of their responsibilities. They have realized the significance of advertisement and marketing techniques. An adequate portion of their annual budget is now allocated to their advertisement and visualization of the company’s product and services. One of these visual features is called the logo. Logo of any company is one of the best tools to grab and hold maximum customer traffic.

We can define a logo as:

“An image which represents the whole company”


“An image which has designed to define a company’s brand”


Whether it is a traditional business or a digital marketplace logo design services are vital to influencing their customer engagement with their brand. From a shoe industry to pen making company and form Ford to Nike, marketing strategists are striving hard for better services of logo design experts to strengthen their bond of relationship with their respective customers. A grabbing and hooking logo is a multi-purpose tool for a company or enterprise. Once, recognized and accepted by the public, it becomes an effective tool to convey the company’s message to the target audience. In this article, we bring for you the best five tips and tricks for attractive logo design.


Research is a Prerequisite

Business is a world of research. Every initiative or development is considered valid if it is well-researched and thoroughly studied in the respective domain while the same is the case with a logo designer who designs it for a company or brand. Research your target company, competitors’ logos, nature of services the company provides or goods produced, likes and dislikes of the target customers or the target audience, and company background or history. The collection of this information will enable the designer to come up with better ideas and options for logo design.


Uniqueness or Novelty

Uniqueness in logo designing is the most important element. Creativity in designing a logo is as important as marketing for sales in business. A creative logo expert knows better how to design a logo that grabs public attention. It helps the business to expand the base of its customers. Every time a customer comes into contact with the company’s service or product it occupies a special place in his/her mind. This affects public opinion about any product or service. People simply keep the name remembered through the novel logo design they see. The more the logo has creatively designed the stronger is the impact on the customer’s choice.



Gone were the days when colorful appearance, heavily decorated styles, and contrasting dark colors were the trend in business advertisement and marketing practices. Now, time has changed and people in general, enjoy the simple beauty and artwork. All the giant multinationals are promoting simplicity in their logos. Most of the time, we observe use of fewer colors with a very limited variety of font styles. These features induce attraction towards a company or brand and people feel it more agreeable to their interests and liking. So, the simpler the logo design the higher the company or brand loyalty. Google, Facebook, and Apple are the best cases in point. Light colors with very simple font styles and designs are the hallmark of their logo designing strategies.



Logo design experts are always train to keep the whole company’s reflection in one simple company logo. Design the logo in a style that is hooking and reflection of the whole company or brand flashes on the customer’s mind, whenever he/she see the logo. This way the logo helps the company to increase brand awareness in the marketplace in an environment of tough competition. So, an effective logo is always memorable in the mind of the target audience. In the first place, they come to visit the company’s product and services centers. In the second, a well-researched, simple, unique, and memorable logo design occupies a special place in the visiting public’s mind converting them into the customers. Ultimately, they become loyal and returning clients.


Relevance with Business

An effective logo must be representative of the whole company or brand. It must cover the complete picture of the company in a limited body space it occupies because it must be like a microcosm of the whole company.

The relevance of the logo to the company’s nature of doing business is a value addition. The best example in this regard is the Leopard courier company. Its logo portrays a leopard which is a symbol of speed and strong determination towards its prey.

To cut the long story short and all these five tips and tricks are instrumental to design an amazing and grabbing logo. Logo design experts must bear all these points in mind while creating a successful and updated logo.

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